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Last year, 110 Cedar Falls Lions Club members collectively performed 165 service projects during 5,939 hours of work and benefited 81,266 people. This equates to an implicit $91,104 economic impact to the Cedar Valley, Iowa, USA and the world.

Prairie Parkway Community Garden

What began as a way for Lions to further serve in educating those living with Diabetes how to prepare and eat healthier meals, the Prairie Parkway Garden has become much more.

The garden project began Cedar Falls Lions Club members and has stretched into a partnership with Unity Point Prairie Parkway Clinic.


Kids Sight Screening Program

KidSight LogoRGB-NOTEXT-wGLOW2.webp

Cedar Falls Lions Club volunteers time each year working with the Kid Sight program in providing free vision screenings to local youth. Trained club members dedicate their time and efforts to help families catch vision issues in their children early. Prevention is the main focus of the program, which has helped with early detection of various vision impairments.


Eyeglasses & Hearing Aid Recycling Program

Lions Clubs around the world have participated in eyeglasses and hearing aid recycling programs. Such a program has helped many in need obtain affordable eyeglasses and hearing aids to provide them with a better, more fulfilling life.


Additional Community Service

National Child I.D. Program

Visually Impaired Eyeglasses Provider


Iowa Lions Cornea Transplants

Hearing Aid Provider

Leader Dog Program

Sturgis Falls Pancake Breakfast


Service to People in Need

Natural Disaster Supply Provider

Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Remote Village Clean Drinking Water Provider


Educational Service

UNI Academic Scholarship Program

Cedar Falls School's Quest Program

Student Exchange Program


Community Youth Support

Youth Basketball Program

Youth Baseball Program

Youth Camp

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